Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

This maintenance program will be for the main air conditioning systems on the premises. Systems to be cleaned and maintained once per month. Based on a one year contract, this will include the following;

  1. Cleaning of all split and ducted air conditioning system where they can be easily accessed, these include air vents and return grilles.
  2. Flushing of all condensate drains to ensure trouble free operation.
  3. All HP and LP sides on the out door units to be checked to ensure that the correct running pressures/temp is correct. (Refrigerant) If required to be charged separately. Any break down work to be charged separately outside of maintenance contract.
  4. Running parts to be checked drive belts, fan blades, motors and mechanical parts greased where necessary. If need replaced and charged accordingly.
  5. Filter driers to be replaced as required and charged separately.
  6. Temp check, amperage draw and general data to be recorded on all systems.
  7. Replacement of insulation on all copper piping to be replaced when necessary and charged.
  8. Overall maintenance will be carried out on all equipment where major work is not required.

The following example below is for monthly maintenance schedule at a medium sized office block.

Pricing is based at a rate of $90.00* per hour for labour plus required parts, if needed. Estimated time for each day of the month is 3 hour duration for the cleaning and maintenance of the Air Conditioning Systems.

This is estimated on the size of the venue, access, total air vents, return grilles and the number of systems.

Total cost for the monthly maintenance will be $270.00* per month this includes all standard procedures, materials and monthly report on all systems.

*Prices are stated in Australian dollars & Include GST.

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