Air Conditioning

Split System Air Conditioning consists of two parts the main evaporator unit is installed inside the house/building & the external condenser unit which can be mounted on wall brackets on a concrete slab on the ground or on a flat roof. Split systems are usually used to cool one or more rooms of an open-plan area.

Split system air conditioning

Reverse Cycle air conditioning can both cool your room/home down & warm it up.

Multi-head Split System contains more than one indoor unit to provide cooling for two or more rooms throughout the house/building from one condenser (outdoor unit).

Multi-head split system

Ducted/Central Air Conditioning

These air conditioners are used for cooling many rooms at once or office buildings.

Split System Ducted circulates cool air through a system of supply & return ducts. Supply ducts & registers are openings in the walls floors or ceilings covered by grilles which carry air from the air conditioner throughout the home/building.

Cassette Air Conditioning (Split System)

These air conditioners are used for cooling/heating one or more rooms of an open-plan area.


Single Package are most commonly used in industrial applications – the evaporator, condenser & compressor are all located into one package.

Inverter An inverter air conditioner can cool a room down quickly and more efficiently. By continuously altering the compressor motor speed it reaches the required temperature quicker the air conditioner adjust up and down to maintain a constant temperature. These air conditioners are capable of running up to 130 percent of their rated capacity for a short period of time to bring the room temperature down more quickly.

Non-inverter compressor runs at a fixed speed and switches off when it has reached the required temperature. This type of system can not maintain an even temperature so is constantly starting and stopping to get to the desired temperature.

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